Tanjung Lesung Beach Cottage

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Tanjung Lesung Beach Cottage

Tanjung Lesung is one of the tourist destinations in Banten Province that you cannot miss. Even the Ministry of Tourism includes Tanjung Lesung as one of the top ten tourist destinations which also a priority for cultivation as well, In addition to Bromo Tengger Semeru, Pulau Seribu, Borobudur, Tanjung Kelayang, Morotai, Mandalika, Wakatobi and so on. Well, because this place has a special concern from the government, there are many tourist attractions and exciting activities in Tanjung Lesung that you should not miss when you visit Banten Province. Moreover, Tanjung Lesung offers unusual and exciting things. If you wonder what kind of activities at Tanjung Lesung, then you can check the information below. To complete your visit, you are also able to stay in Tanjung Lesung Beach Cottage.

Enjoying a super clean and beautiful beach

One of the exciting activities in Tanjung Lesung that you should do is playing around on the beach. With a long coastline, white sand, calm waves, and blue sea along with the breeze will accompany you to enjoy every moment on Tanjung Lesung Beach – this is something that you cannot miss, including enjoying the view of sunset and sunrise.

Playing golf with cool scenery

For those who enjoy golf, then Tanjung Lesung is definitely the best place that you can choose. A golf field with 18 holes and sea view guarantees that anyone who played in this field will get its own satisfaction.

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Playing Banana Boat

You are also able to ride a banana boat in Tanjung Lesung as well. You will take off by using the banana-shaped yellow rubber boat which is pulled by a jet ski, crossing the clear high seas along with refreshing water as well, Then, in the middle of the sea, the jet ski crew will turn the boat until the passenger falls in the water and get wet as well. But, you do not have to worry because you will be provided with a safety gear as well.

Joining sailing club

Only in Tanjung Lesung and Bali where you are able to find the sailing learning club. Try sailing by using a small boat at the size of a canoe as well. Sailing can be done by children and parents as well. The cost is pretty affordable and visitors are also able to stay in a lodge near to sailing club and enjoy seafood menus.

Riding ATV to explore the beach

There are also ATV rentals in the Tanjung Lesung. The price can be so varied and you can feel the sensation of exploring the beach by riding ATV. Of course, you will look stand out to take a picture as well. Not only that, but you are also able to feel the feeling of being shaken on the four-wheeled motorbike and enjoying the off-road route as well.

Enjoying sunset boat

You do not just enjoy the sunset on the beach, even you are also able to enjoy the sunset from the middle of the sea. From the sea, you will feel closer to the sun and beautiful view of the blue sea along with yellow reflection. To explore in the middle of the sea, then you will be escorted by using the fishing boat. We also feel the sensation of the waves as the sun sets than the current usually increases.

Camping on the Beach

If you do not want to stay at the resort, you are able to spend the night on the beach. While sleeping, you still hear the waves. In the morning, you will enjoy the beautiful sunrise behind the hill. Alternatively, you are also able to get Tanjung Lesung Beach Cottage.

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