Tanjung Lesung One Day Trip

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Tanjung Lesung One Day Trip

There are so many attractions in Banten which also become the major attractions among Banten residents. In Banten, there are so many beautiful beaches compared to the beaches from the east side of Indonesia. There are so many pristine and beautiful beaches in Banter which are worth visiting and can be used as a recommendation when you want to spend your time with your family or partner. Beaches in Banten are very well-known with their fine and white sand along with the heartbreaking view surround them, however, there is a beach which is also beautiful and exotic, it is Tanjung Lesung Beach. This place is very popular with its natural charm along with the subtle white sand and clear water. No surprise that the Tanjung Lesung Beach becomes one of the most favorite destinations during a weekend and holiday seasons. You with your family, friends or partner are also able to join with the program of Tanjung Lesung One Day Trip.

Try thrilling watersports in Tanjung Lesung

There are many exciting water sports in Tanjung Lesung, such as canoeing, jet ski, banana boat along with other exciting and challenging sports as well. The clear sea water is relatively quiet which makes you as you are in a very vast pool. This beach is very suitable for kids, whether they want to swim, playing sand or even diving as well.

Diving and snorkeling in Tanjung Lesung Beach

Another exciting activity in Tanjung Lesung is diving or snorkeling. Both of these activities, whether diving or snorkeling by using proper gears will make these activities so fun along with the diversity of marine life and clear water that make your activity get the best moment as well. There is also a great spot for diving in the Liwungan Island. In this place, you are able to dive and witnessing the coral reefs, even snorkeling along with the view of the Mount Krakatau from distance. When coming to the evening, then there are so many seagulls that give you an incredible view as well.

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Enjoying the beautiful sunset

You can enjoy the beautiful sunset in the Tanjung Lesung Island as one of the must-activity in this place, However, this beautiful view will more enhance where the sun was setting to down and hide behind the Anak Krakatau. This is really very incredible view and for more photography livers, this is can be a great moment and cannot miss in this place.

Taste local foods in Tanjung Lesung

When you visit Tanjung Lesung Beach, you do not have to bring your own food because the surrounding area offers you with small restaurants, such as seafood. Even, a seafood party in this place becomes one of the most unforgettable moments in this area. You can taste many different foods here and tempted your taste as well. Of course, this is can be your best moment for your family or group. Usually, this activity will be held on Saturday when most of the locals want to enjoy their weekends.

Watching the fire dance performance

Another great activity that you can do here is watching the fire dance performance and it is so popular here. For those who firstly watch this show will be amazed because you will see a man collaborates with the splash of fire on their bodies, Even, there is someone who eating the fire, jumping the fire ring, playing the fireball and so on. This activity cannot be done by anyone. So there are many activities that you can try in this place and some of them will bring you with so much fun and joy. Joining with Tanjung Lesung One Day Trip for a more best experience.

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