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Tanjung Lesung Open Trip

Of course, most people like a vacation on the white sand and blue sea. There is one more vacation spot that you can visit to get the natural charm of the beach in Indonesia. As we know that Indonesia has so many beautiful beaches and one of them is Tanjung Lesung which located in Tanjung Jaya Village, Pandeglang, Banten. Indonesia is rich in coastal tourism because it is an archipelago along with a very long coastline stretching from Sabang to Merauke.  You can find Tanjung Lesung Open Trip that brings you to the most beautiful places here.

Activities and tours in Tanjung Lesung Beach

In Tanjung Lesung and surrounding areas will become your main destination for your family or group, you are able to decide when the best time to stay in this place for a few days here and you are able to visit more than one beach and do lots of interesting natural activities. As a consideration, then you can check these destinations below.

So many resorts in Tanjung Lesung area

It takes around 30 minutes from Carita Beach when you entered this vast area of Tanjung Lesung which is managed privately as the tourist spot along with complete facilities. You will never be disappointed when you visit this beach because in this area you will be presented with natural white and undersea sand. There are so many tourism activities that you can do in this area, such as many watersports which been provided, such as glass bottom, jetski, banana boat, sea kayaking, snorkeling, and open water diving. in the afternoon, you are able to enjoy the sunset view and do not forget to shot this beautiful view.

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Bodur Beach

If you love to hun the sunset view, then this is can be your best place here. You can hunt panoramas of the seconds of sunsetting from the earth. This place is so great and Bodur Beach has soft white sand and bluish sea water. The special attraction in this place is the beautiful sunset. So if you want to get a more romantic feeling, then you can visit this place.

Tourism Village in Tanjung Lesung, Banten

You can come to the Tanjung Lesung, which is not only getting the maritime tour, however, you also able to get insight related to the environment as an effort to preserve its sustainability. In Tanjung Lesung, there is also a group of the community which concerns to maintain biodiversity in the seabed area, such as preserving coral reefs in the Tanjung Lesung area. This community activity is not only created beautiful and well-maintained tourist object, however, it also helps the economy in surrounding resident who relies on the region’s resources.

Liwungan Island

Liwungan Island is a very attractive destination, if you have a plan for your honeymoon with your partner, then there is a private area which is well maintained. Liwungan does not only provide you with very beautiful natural scenery on the land, however, but you can also enjoy the charm of underwater life as well.

Other tourism objects in Pandeglang Regency

Mountain Krakatau was so famous because of its eruption in 1993 and now become a challenging and interesting tourist destination, especially for those who love to see the volcanoes. From Tanjung Lesung, you are able to plan your trip to Krakatau Mountain. Another destination is Ujung Kulon National park, this place is very famous for its conservation of rhinos in Indonesia. There are some islands around Ujung Kulon are very worth visiting because all of them are still natural maintained by National Park Management. Come from Ujung Kulon, you are able to rent a boat directly and take approximately two hours of travel. Even you can join in Tanjung Lesung Open Trip.

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