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Tanjung Lesung Private Cottage

Tanjung Lesung is a stunning tourist area and deserves as a destination to release your stress after your full activities during a week. The location of Tanjung Lesung is not pretty close because it takes around 3 to 4 hours, however, the length of travel will be paid off with the captivating and beautiful beach. No wonder that there are so many visitors feel hypnotized by its beauty and make you want to come back again. If you want to stay more a day, then you can consider getting Tanjung Lesung Private Cottage.

Tanjung Lesung Beach feels like a private beach

Although it has stunning natural beauty, Tanjung Lesung Beach is not one of the most visited by tourists. According to data, there are only 250,000 travelers visited this beach in a year along with the ten percent of them from abroad. However, when Tanjung Lesung was seriously managed then this area become more noticeable. Back then, the lack of infrastructure in Lesung Beach was claimed to be one of the factors why this beach not as popular as other tourist destinations in Indonesia, such as Lombok or Bali. Now, Tanjung Lesung has advanced facilities, such as luxury cottages. For travelers on a budget and want to feel the ease, staying in the cottage can be a good choice as well. For those who do not stay at the resort, they have to pay first to be able to enter the Beach Club. Because of this regulation, Tanjung Lesung was rated as “private beach”. Besides that, you are able to enjoy so many water sports activities on this beach. The clear sea water will make travelers cannot wait to dive into the water. For those who like more exciting activities, then you are able to try the banana boat, jet ski, kayak or glass bottom boat as well. There is also an activity that you might not find in other beach resorts, this is bird feeding. By using the boat, you are able to spread bird food over the sea. It does not take so long, a flock of birds will come to you to eat the food that you prepared.

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Beautiful treat in Tanjung Lesung

The struggle to arrive in Tanjung Lesung will give its own experience in order to make you get something different. Indeed, everyone who had visited here admitted that Tanjung Lesung was so beautiful even not too far away from the metropolitan city. The visitors will be spoiled by the beautiful turquoise sea and soothing white sand as well. Then it is still complemented by the existence of traditional culture which is so exotic as well. Visiting this beach provide you with the complete package. This coastal area offers you with one of the most unique areas which can be found only here. As the name implied, Tanjung Lesung beach has a physical appearance in the form of a mortal or basin. In addition, provide you with the natural view of white sand, the visitors also able to find a great view of cliffs that are not too steep. These cliffs make Tanjung Lesung more perfect and make any visitor here can feel its charm. You are also able to see the lagoon as the seawater that separated from the ocean so that it presents you with an interesting view. The existence of the lagoon presents a rhythmic wave that swings slowly and regularly. No wonder that Tanjung Lesung also was known as the beach with the calm and harmless wave. The existence of Tanjung Lesung becomes one of the most beautiful icons in Banten. You can make your day more complete here in Tanjung Lesung Private Cottage.

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