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Tanjung Lesung Tour Package   

The beach tourism is one of the most attractive destinations in Banten Province. Banten was known as the area with a strategic port where there are many sailors docked from many different countries. Besides that, there are many beaches which still quiet and pristine in a more remote area so that it looks like the hidden paradise. The residents from major cities in the Banten Province or even outside of Banten province come to Banter in order to enjoy the beautiful coast in this place. Choosing Tanjung Lesung Tour Package can be your best option. The coastal area in Banten was divided into some areas. There are beaches in the west side and some of them in the south area. The beach in the southern Banten is more popular for its beauty and show you with the typical waves of the south coast.

Activities in Tanjung Lesung

The waves on Tanjung Lesung Beach are quiet enough, so this is suitable for those who looking for relaxation with their families. You are able to enjoy the beautiful sea views along with the subtle white sand. For those who like to see the beauty of underwater, then you are able to dive or snorkel because the waters around Tanjung Lesung Beach will serve you with the diversity of marine biota. There are many colorful wisha and amazing coral reefs. You are also able to meet with seagulls as well. Besides, you will enjoy other activities such as playing banana boat or jet ski. If you like fishing, then you are also able to fish at Tanjung Lesung Beach.

Taste the local foods

There are some local foods in Tanjung Lesung. Usually, many visitors who visit this place like to order the kuwe fish, there are also so many seafood menus such as crabs, shrimps, and squid. Anything can be cooked according to your taste whether it fries, sauteed or cooked with the Padang sauce. For those who do not like seafood processed food, there are other food choices in Tanjung Lesung, such as rabeg Banten, sum-sum rice and local satay.

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Visit coral reef conservation

If you feel bored, then you are able to visit the location of coral reef conservation in Karang Gundul, Tanjung Lesung, and Liungan Island. Besides that, you can go to the tourist village where most of the residents working as craftsmen. You are also able to try the typical drink or see the fishing village of Cipanon. Do not forget to go to the Liwungan Island by renting a speedboat and enjoying the view of the Sundanese strait and the charm if Mount Krakatau. To go to the Tanjung Lesung, you are able to use the same route to go to the Anyer beach. Then you can continue to follow the coast of Nayer-Carita and then take the direction to the Labuan and you will arrive in Tanjung Lesung. If you start from Jakarta, then you are able to choose Jakarta-Merak toll road.

Cultural Tourism

The beauty which been offered by Tanjung Lesung does not stop by its beautiful beaches. You are also able to visit cultural tourism as well, there are several historical relics in Banten which were inherited by the Sultanate of Banten. One of the is the Surosowan Palace located in the Old Banten Region. The palace was built in 1552 and attract so many tourists as well. The concept of building a replica of this palace was aimed to introduce the Banten culture. Instead of beautiful beaches in this area, you are also able to visit historical sites to complete your visit here. Joining with Tanjung Lesung Tour Package can make your holiday more perfect.

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