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Tanjung Lesung Trip

It was located in the most western coast in Java, precisely in the Pandeglang District, Banten Province/ The Tanjung Lesung resembled the Lesung in the local Sundanese language means as the receptacle for the rice pounding. Tanjung Lesung is the developing beach resort that you can use for recreation and hotels face the Mountain Anak Krakatau – which all of that was left of the once great disaster of Krakatau Volcano. Tanjung Lesung has the expansive area around 1.500 hectares and had been developed by Banten West Java Tourism Development Corporation or also known as the BWJ since 1996. Nowadays, Tanjung Lesung offers you with a very great space to lay down and drown yourself with the natural beauty along with the vast stretch of a white sand beach, blue waters, and clear waters. You can join with Tanjung Lesung Trip for your best experience.

The natural charm of Tanjung Lesung

This is not necessary for you to doubt the beauty of the beach and the surrounding area in Tanjung Lesung, because you will be served an extraordinary natural potential along with a very good management in this place that spoils you in your beautiful holidays. In Tanjung Lesung, there are many charming spots, such as Bodur Beach and Sagna Beach that have the beautiful marine life, therefore you can try diving in this site and there are many beautiful spots to be explored as well.

Enjoying watersports in Tanjung Lesung

Besides diving, there are other fun activities that you can try in Tanjung Lesung, such as snorkeling, watersports and even camping as well. One of the most unique and interesting activities here is bird feeding that you might not found in other places as well. Through bird feeding activity, then you will be invited to spread the food to the sea and that’s when the birds try to catch the food that you gave. The outbound area also available for kind of activities related to the companies, agencies and so on.

Baca Juga :

Visiting Cikadu Village

There are many things to do here in order to maximize the 8 hectares plantation such as fixing the land contour, rid off the pests and anticipating the weather as well. When you walk around 20 minutes in another side of this village, then you will find the handicraft center. It was placed between the local houses and gazebo was used as the traditional dance training center. This area has an abundance of coconut trees and they will use them and transform them become very beautiful decorations to be sold as souvenirs later.

Liwungan Island

You have to cross around 30 minutes with the wooden boats from the small port to reach in Liwungan Island. On your way there, then you will see so many seagulls hunt for fish. You have to be here in the early morning in order to see more seagulls. In this Island, you are also able to find a beautiful beach on another side of its island.

Visiting entrance area of Ujung Kulon National Park

Visit Tanjung Lesung can be so interesting because this place is also the entrance area to the Ujung Kulon National Park and Mount Krakatau. The area expanded to 1300 hectares where the construction is highly organized as well. Even for the more future plan, Tanjung Lesung would be equipped with the international-level Gold arena, a port for various luxury and large cruise ships and so on. There are many great things to do and see in this place and you can spend your holiday season to visit Tanjung Lesung.You area also able to join witth Tanjung Lesung Trip for more fun holiday.

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